Friday, December 5, 2014

REHEARSING AT ACT! Well, their rehearsal room anyway...

We rehearsed at an ACT rehearsal room yesterday and will again today.  What a gorgeous space!  Walls of windows on two sides, on the eighth floor, so we have a spectacular view of the city!  

And a balcony outside the room with a fabulous view.  

Christine taped the floor so we had the exact measurements of of the stage at the Berkeley City Club.  Oy vey, is it narrow.  Very exciting for all of us to be using the actual layout instead of my living room.  

Carolyn was very pleased at how I was adjusting to playing to the audience on all sides of me -- at this point represented by empty chairs.  I was never worried about this, because I've toured in my solo plays all over the world and had to adapt to SO MANY different spaces -- back rooms of bars, an abandoned police station (freezing!), and a huge flourescent-lit conference room with me in the middle on a little platform.  Actually, the conference room was by far the worst.  Oh yeah, and the former operating room at a hospital with very steeply banked seats so medical students could watch -- like performing in a pit.  And tiny tiny storefronts.  And a former stable, where the stage was the width of two horse stalls.  You get the idea.