Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Can you believe the sign behind me?  Tara didn't notice it when she took the photo of me goofing around as we were moving into Exit Theatre for our tech.  This is truly a gift from the universe.  I can hear Hick laughing somewhere.  I love to make her laugh. 

I'm so excited about this radically re-envisioned HICK, with Loretta Janca reading Eleanor's letters and Tara Ayres as narrator.  Carolyn Myers, my director and crony, has done her customary magic pulling everything together. 

When one does a Fringe, one has very little time for technical issues.  Our entire tech was scheduled for 2 1/2 hours (we went a bit over).  Carolyn LOVES making the actors and stage look beautiful with light.   But she had to confine herself to 10 cues.  Admirably disciplined.  We had a wonderful Exit techie doing lights, Beth --- skilled, creative and good-natured.  Our HICK group was completed by Michele Bank, stage manager doing sound, and Louise Mary's Friend  as ... shit, I can't remember the word.  Anyhow she's general assistant. 

We felt like a real team yesterday. 

I think my acting has improved light years.  For one thing, I am freed by having the two actresses onstage.  Tara shares the storytelling with me.  And, although Paula Barish is fantastic on tape,  having a live actress read Eleanor's letters is damn exciting.  And Loretta is a damn exciting actress.
Here we are waiting to start our tech.
I also read a biography of Eleanor Duse, a famous actress of the early 20th century.  She always inspires me to higher levels.  Also, I'm just really getting into this woman, Lorena Hickok.  No wonder historians (except for Blanche Wiesen Cook) refuse to believe that  Eleanor Roosevelt was in love with her.  It's completely improbable!  Okay, Eleanor could have had an affair with a handsome young man.  Perhaps she did, with her bodyguard.  People had their suspicions.  But there's no evidence.  His letters to ER have disappeared.  Okay, Eleanor could have had an affair with one of the beautiful, aristocratic dykes who surrounded her.  But no, she chose rumpled, fat and masculine (Time Magazine's description) Lorena Hickok.  And she stayed close to Hick for the rest of her life.

So Hick must have been this totally amazing charming charismatic woman deep who I have to somehow channel onstage. 

I think I'm improving.  Come and see.  Info below.
THUR SEPT 5 8:30 PM 
SAT SEPT 7 2:00 PM 
SUN SEPT 8 6:30 PM 
THUR SEPT 12 7:00 PM 
Exit Theater, 156 Eddy St., San Francisco
Near Powell St. BART 
TIX:  $13.00 @ Door

HICK: A LOVE STORY is based on Mrs. Roosevelt's 2336 letters to Lorena Hickok, 

used with the permission of the Roosevelt estate.