Sunday, June 3, 2018

There's Something About Blue

When it comes to flowers, I'm a blue freak.  I love bright, strong colors in general.  But I get such enormous pleasure looking at blue.  Why?  I don't know.  But plants with blue flowers take pride of place in my garden.  I have a vine that is supposed to have turquoise berries that Hector, my friend and gardener, has been moving to different places.  One year it had one pale turquoise berry.  Aqua, really.  I will never forget that berry.  Now the vine is on the back fence.  We'll see what happens this Fall.

But now my garden is in its full glory.


When Calla & LauRose left San Francisco, they FORCED me to take an 
enormous amount of plastic silverware, because they couldn't face the prospect 
of throwing it all out. I have always resented this, but now finally I have found 
a use for their bounty.  This is my strategy for keeping squirrels from 
eating my lobelia flowers.   I prefer to think it's squirrels rather than rats.


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