Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A Toast, despite all, To Democracy and... Download My Best Photo!

Dear BlogFriends:  What a sad day this is.  I'm glad I have my Impeachment coffee mug to give me strong caffeine and a dose of humor to make it through. 

The mug is courtesy of Roy Zimmerman, an incredibly hilarious and brilliant singer, along the lines of Tom Lehrer, but always oh so political.  He tours the country, playing in community centers, churches, theaters.  I've seen him many times, but not lately.  Wasn't able to go to his recent local shows.  I urge you to click on his name to join his mailing list and attend a concert.  I can't understand why he isn't way famous.  But there's a lot of things I don't understand lately....

You can also buy your very own Covfefe mug, if you feel so inclined.


Many of you liked -- even LOVED The Best Photo I've Ever Taken. That made me feel very happy, and I would like you to have the photo, if you wish.

Just click here, to go to a hi-rez version. Then click on "download," which is on the middle right of the page.

I feel there's something mysterious about it, like it's a portal to another world -- although I'm just looking through a hole in the driftwood. But what a magnificent piece of driftwood! And the sky.... Sometimes you just get lucky.


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