Thursday, June 18, 2020


"Nellallitea "Nella" Larsen, born Nellie Walker, was an American novelist of the Harlem Renaissance. Working as a nurse and a librarian, she published two novels, Quicksand and Passing, and a few short stories. Though her literary output was scant, she earned recognition by her contemporaries." (Wikipedia)

I must admit, I love stamps, stationery, pens and especially POSTCARDS! Everyone close to me knows that. And let me tell you something:
They really do! Especially now, because nobody sends them anymore. And people only have to wait a day before paper is covid-free. So I just lay my mail aside and read it a day late. And in fact I am actually involved in an envelope-to-envelope written correspondence with a close ex who has moved back to the Bay Area. So if you don't know what to do with whatever you buy from the USPS .....
SEND ALL YOUR STAMPS TO ME! (address below)


When I wrote my last blog, Taking the Train While Black, I felt great anxiety about tackling the issue of racism and saying anything beyond "Black Lives Matter!" I worried that people might be offended that I was appropriating the experience of Dee for my blog, that they might find unconscious racism in my words, that I might AGREE that I had been unconsciously racist. I had an enormous desire, at the end of the blog, to somehow apologize for/justify/contextualize my words. Make them more palatable.

But I resisted that impulse because I have discovered that people do not like it when I apologize in advance. In fact, I don't like it when somebody else does it either! It's a bit cowardly, don't you think? If you can't stand behind what you say, then DON'T SAY IT! Ya gotta let the chips fall where they may. And if you have offended people, it's not the end of the world. Maybe you'll learn something from it.

A human being discovers, for the first time, the voluptuous luscious reality of .....

Thanks to Carolyn's grand-daughter Isla for following her bliss, even if it meant she had to chew through a box she couldn't open, and to Mica and Will for bringing such a stalwart and passionate person into the world.

Bloggelinis, this photo makes me laugh every time I look at it. I couldn't wait to share it with you.
You take care now. Your Blogmistress reminds you: WEAR A MASK and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Terry

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