Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Sept. 29, 2020: Election Volunteer Info & Linky Pleasures & A Photo

I wrote five letters so far today. That's really my favorite. I was downloading 20 letters at VOTE FORWARD, https://votefwd.org/. But that made me feel overwhelmed. You can also choose to just download five at a time, so that's what I'm doing right now. This is my basket of letters so far.

Tonight is the debate. Of course we're all in a tizzy about it. Carolyn and I are going to Zoom afterwards, so we can talk about it together. I need that, good or bad, I need to talk.
I've been getting amazing responses to my last blog. It's interesting: The more I worry that I might have gone too far in being too personal, the more people respond to it. I would say that my secret power is that I know that I am ordinary -- that is, I know that every single thing I think and feel is also thought and felt by many others. I could say that I'm extra-ordinary, because I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and get pleasure in sharing those thoughts and feelings with a large public. I tell my own secrets with the deep-down security that they are everyone's secrets.

I have to say that horrendous selfie I took makes me laugh hysterically every single time I look at it.

Linky Pleasures

An amazing video, A Murmuration of Starlings. Thanks, Gail Lynch for this.

Andy Borowitz is a great -- and very succinct -- satirist with the Washington Post. You can subscribe to his column. This column is about Trump's concerns that Americans are taking over the elections.

Tara Ayres turned me on to this podcast, Our Plague Year, the thoughts and voice of one Joseph Fink. I had to make it through a rackety rap beginning before Whatever You Do Next made me sit up straight when Fink said, "If an 87-year-old woman dying of cancer puts us in this terrible position -- let's face it: We've been in this terrible position for quite a while." He said that our dearly beloved political system, by giving disproportionate political power to the rich few, is operating exactly as it was intended by the Founders. Oy vey! I see a People's Constitutional Convention in our future! We need to redo the whole things, folks!

I'm not saying you're REQUIRED to be a lesbian to listen to Dykapella, The Gates of Heaven. But I think there's quite a lot of extra joy there for women of the dykely persuasion. I love the build to what should be a sapphic classic, "Sit on My Face." Again, thanks to Tara.

A Photo
I saw "Sylvia Loves Eve" this morning at the local playground, where I went throw the ball for the pups. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe it was written by adults, and maybe it was written by young girls. Whoever wrote it saw no reason to hide the fact that two women/girls loved each other. Isn't it nice that such things can happen?

I remember long ago when I was visiting my sister Nancy, and her four-year-old daughter Rose announced that she and her friend Lucy were going to get married when they grew up. Nancy's response? A very nonchalant "That's nice, dear."
Rose is 31 now, and didn't turn out to be a lesbian. But even then Nancy had no fear of it. Some things really have gotten better.

Almost time for the debate, Bloggelinis! I'll write you again soon! Terry


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