Monday, December 14, 2020

Sent November 8, 2020: BLOGMISTRESS IS FINE!


Dear Blogellinis: First I procrastinated because I'm working on a difficult bog, THEN I entered Computer Hell. My work computer was already kaput. I was working on my little Air until the new computer comes (end of December). Then I spilled tea on my AIR. OY VEY!

Carolyn was out of town, I couldn't borrow her computer. And this isn't exactly the time to ask to borrow someone's extra computer unless she is your soul sister and crony and upstairs neighbor. She just came back late yesterday. I'm typing on her computer now.

So Carolyn was wondering where my latest blog was, since she knew I wasn't sick or anything. She thought there was something wrong with her email. That was when I realized that in these times, one cannot procrastinate indefinitely without causing alarm. So I'm writing you now just to say I AM TOTALLY FINE!

AND I just bought an iPad yesterday, on which I can blog while I wait for my REAL computer to arrive! I am awaiting a phone session to set up the iPad. I WILL send a real blog today, even if it's not my difficult serious one.

So very sorry if anyone was worried. All for now. Terry

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