Saturday, May 8, 2021

STILL HERE: Panel of Lesbian Writers, including Me!

I was asked to be on an April 26 panel of lesbians who started writing in the 1970s and are still at it. The panel was presented by Old Lesbians Organizing for Change. The panel, organized by Elana Dykewomon and Jewelle Gomez, consisted of:
  • First row: Kitty Tsui, Elana and Jewelle
  • Second row: Cheryl Clarke, Irene Klepfisz, and Dorothy Allison
  • Third row: Your Blogmistress

I was extremely honored to join this illustrious group. I was the only writer who had solely focussed on theater (until my blog came along). We started out by each reading five minutes of our work. Then we explored questions that Elana had written. And then we took questions from the audience through Chat.

I was very excited by the quality of the women's writing and of the discussion that followed. I was thrilled to be on a panel with some of the founders of Conditions, an intense, kick-ass literary journal out of New York in the early 70s. I loved hearing stories about the early days. I treasure my old copies of Conditions.

I was a bit of an odd girl out, as all the other women were concerned with publishing poetry, short stories, essays, novels, etc. whereas I was all about producing theater. Those are different worlds. But I tried to make my sideways contribution, and Carolyn said that I succeeded.

I think there were about 180 dykes attending. I didn't send a notice to my Blog list, because OLOC requested that only lesbians be invited. They've already had an event disrupted by .... is it called Zoom Bombing? I think so. Not that a Bloggelini would ever do such a thing! But I had to respect OLOC's wishes.

Here is a link to biographies of all the panelists and lists of our publications. And remember:
You can order
A Quite fabulous Anthology by a (the?)
Slightly World-Renowned Lesbian Playwright
AND Blogmistress by clicking here
(or go to Amazon if you must.)

All for now, Bloggelinis! Terry


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