Wednesday, July 8, 2020

BAUMBLOG: What Would Fauci Do?

I often take the pups to State Street Playground, aka the Meadow, which is a friendly neighborhood park that's kinda hidden away and rarely crowded. The fog was rolling in, being very photogenic. As was Loulou. I FINALLY got an appointment for them at the groomer. Sadly, her hair was so matted, they couldn't keep the puff on the end of her tail. I'm so glad they gave her puffs on her forelegs, to compensate. She's very proud of them.

Half an hour later...No more fog!

I'll never forget the first time I saw Sutro Tower, long before I lived in its neighborhood. I was on Market Street, looked up.... and there was this red-and-white MONSTROSITY absolutely LOOMING OVER the beautiful view! I could not BELIEVE the enlightened people of San Francisco would allow such a horrible space-age spider to besmirch their glorious landscape!

But the truth is now I walk out my front door, see it and feel great affection for it. Our very own space-age spider.

Sutro Tower brought television to San Francisco. Before the tower was built, the hills prevented people from getting reception on their TVs. So San Francisco was the last city in the country where the population was seduced and tranquilized by the new medium.

The last time I saw this fence the voodoo doll was Trump! I must remember to bring some pins with me next time I take this walk,
I have walked by this magnificent and enormous Victorian so many times and never noticed it, because it was high above the street. This is really a mansion.

A crystal chandelier in a garden...... I'm thinking about my own little backyard paradise.... Hmmm... Anyone got a spare chandelier to contribute to a worthy cause? And to the left of this particular garden chandelier....
A political billboard in a San Francisco front garden. Rarely do I find a love of chandeliers combined with a passion for the political empowerment of every single oppressed person. Actually, never.

I particularly love "I want a president who has stood in line at the clinic, at the DMV, at the welfare office and has been unemployed and laid off and sexually harassed and gay bashed and deported."

I would too, but I'll settle for AOC as soon as she's old enough.

Thank you, chandelier gardener.

Left is the front door of the Caselli Mansion, 250 Douglass St., and right is what you see when you peek through the glass to see the entryway. When I first moved to 545 Dougalss St. in 1977, this huge building was abandoned and about to be torn down. At the last minute, a developer bought it and divided it up into apartments. When I'm taking people for walks in my neighborhood, I always take them up on the porch to peek at the beautiful woodwork. There's a lot of gorgeous carving high up that I couldn't capture with the camera through the glass.

A new addition to the outdoor art gallery that is 24th Street.
Look at the texture on this! This is an incredible amount of work!

I haven't gotten stoned in a very long time. I can't smoke anymore. My delicate lungs. I do like the candies. I think I'll get those nice chocolate coffee marijuana beans and take a slow stroll down 24th St. This is really a cosmic hippie kinda experience, this painting/collage/whatever.

"May this cement our friendship." Very clever. I like the hand too. Glad I caught this before it was completely obliterated.

Now, Bloggelinis, where else can you find helpful pandemic hints AND a walking tour that reveals a
city of ECCENTRICS?!? Admit it, nowhere but BaumBlog. Have a good and masked day. Terry

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