Sunday, July 5, 2020




I was down in the Castro and saw Mollie Monster's latest chalk series for the Fourth of July:
Today, I celebrate

INTERdependence Day!

These chaotic times have made it abundantly clear that we are all intertwined with, and dependent on, EACH OTHER. For example, my decision to wear or not wear a mask has untold consequences on others.

I sit isolated in my room, alone over a hot computer to write my blog and then put it out out into the world. One could say I do this on my own, but untold numbers of people contributed to me being able to write this blog -- from my parents, the workers who built my house, all those involved in creating the computer...... Well, the list never ends.

You, I hope, receive the blog as a gift. And if you didn't receive it -- if no one clicked and opened it, I would not continue to write it. And then there's the eLetters I get from so many Bloggelinis that keep me going. I absolutely need YOU to keep going.

In Buddhism, the Giver, Receiver and the Gift are ONE! It's really quite a wonderful idea, and it's TRUE and definitely a reason to CELEBRATE!

Thank you, Mollie Monster, for keeping track of time passing, the seasons, the holidays. Your witty chalk drawings are a delightful addition to the street scene of my neighborhood and a gift to the community.

Mollie, you are truly generous
because you give without needing
to experience the appreciation of the receivers.

I doubt I'll ever get to that point.

I want to thank all the artists who have given themselves to entertaining, delighting, educating us-- without an expectation of being paid or even thanked. Your gifts have brought joy into my life during this very difficult time.
Dear Bloggelinis: Thanks to those of you who responded to the two very intense and heavy blogs that preceded this one.

I feel in community with you. That's very nice for me. I hope someday to have a Bloggelini party for all of us in my garden. Those Bloggelinis that live far away can attend on Zoom! Nice idea, huh?


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