Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Notorious RBG Sent Us!


On Friday Carolyn asked me if I wanted to go to the Women's March. I didn't even know it was happening yesterday, Saturday. But she said there were several planned in big cities, to protest Barrett's nomination for the Supreme Court. I really didn't want to go. I haven't marched since Covid started, to protect myself. And what was the point? It's a done deal. Carolyn said she would only go if I went too. I said I'd think about it. By the time I'd decided that, yes, this is the least I could do to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg's memory, Carolyn had decided she would go with me or without me. And when SHE goes, she really GOES. Or rather, GODDESSZILLA goes! And, inspired by Ruth, Goddesszilla became her own RBG!
You see the squares of white dots on black under Zilly's chin? That's a last-minute lace collar created by Carolyn in memory of dear RBG. I helped put it on so it didn't cover the shocking pink sequin nipples.

There were a lot of fabulous signs, as you will see. And there were a few great costumes. But there is only one Goddesszilla, and the joy she gives to other marchers is ... well, it's actually nourishing to both of us.

We came up with the idea of a female Godzilla for a scene for the Crackpot Crones. But the scene never really worked. I felt
bad that Carolyn did all that work on the costume for nothing! But she finally figured out that Goddesszilla belongs on the street, not the stage.

This was a very socially-distanced march. There was no rally either before or after. All were masked -- except Goddesszilla. It wasn't a huge gathering, but the signs were first -rate. And it was so great to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg honored in so many different ways.

There was a whole troupe of creepy handmaids. This one below was particularly ominous and powerful.
"5150" is the code for someone who is so mentally ill that they need to be involuntarily held in a hospital.
Carolyn worked for Planned Parenthood for years. She led a teen theater dealing with health issues that toured Oregon. She has a very soft spot for Planned Parenthood.

This image on the left is so strong. A coat hanger dripping blood.

Below: Another great costume.

I love this wonderful family below. After the photo, they put their rather winded bulldog in the red wagon.
So many young people, so much creativity. What a joy it was for the two of us. Raging Bossy Goddesszilla waves goodby to you from San Francisco!

All for now, Bloggelinis. I mailed all my letters on Saturday -- about 130, I think. Now I'm going to move on to phone calls. Let's not get complacent now that Der Toddler appears to be going down the tubes. That's how many felt four years ago and stopped working to defeat him. Keep on truckin'!! Terry

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