Thursday, October 22, 2020



....And he said,,,

And then he talked about the 545 children taken from their parents at the border who have STILL not been reunited with their parents because the government can't find them. No jokes at all. No humor. Righteous anger. Very powerful.

My blood pressure went up and my mood plummeted.

Then I opened the New York Times, and right on Page One, the headline under the headline said...
"Some Democrats Dare to Whisper
About a Biden Landslide"

My blood pressure went down and my spirits sailed UP!

I continued calmly and joyfully perusing the paper until I came to.....
"For Democrats, Horror Never Ends"

....All about how so many Dems can't bear to let themselves hope because they are suffering PTSD recalling the buildup to Election Day 2016 when we all KNEW that the long wait would end with celebrating the election of the FIRST WOMAN as President and then the balloon deflating and then the shock and horror and then the despair and then waking the next morning realizing it wasn't all a bad dream.....

Blood pressure up. Mood down.

And then I turned the page only to find.....
... The continuation of the front page story about the possibility of a Biden landslide.

Slow exhale as my blood pressure gently drifts down and a sweet and blissful smile breaks through the clouds of depression that had been gathering above my head until I look at the facing page....
"Fake Political News Aimed at Latinos To Suppress Vote"

.... about a popular Spanish language talk radio host in Miami who says that the women leading the Black Lives Matter movement are witches aligned with Satan, because one of founders of BLM mentioned invoking the spirits of people who died. And this idiotic idea has spread to the mainstream media...

Oy vey oy vey oy vey oy vey

And then I discovered this photo below on my desktop (I've used it before), and I said to myself "Yes, this moment did exist." And I calmed down.

The truth is, whoever wins, we have so much work to do. Right? Find the lost parents, figure out why so many are going cuckoo and how to heal them...

So I made myself a very healthy AND delicious salad and then went out for a walk with the pups.

Tonight I'll watch the debate and pray that Biden is easy-going and calm, and Trump makes a fool of himself again.

I'm making phone calls for Biden this Sunday.

All for now, Bloggellinis Terry

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