Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sent March 22: Sunday Funnies

I went out into my garden to sit and drink my tea (yes, I am very lucky), and there was a strange humming sound. I looked around for the source and finally realized it was a great big bunch of bees in all my cyanothus plants. I have three trees and one shrub. They are a California native with blue flowers and I'm a blue freak. They are popularly known as "Bee Bush." The cyanothuses (cyanothusi?) are blooming like never before, and I have never seen so many bees.

There are actually two DIFFERENT kinds of bees in this photo. See the tiny one in the upper right?

I have never been bitten by a bee in my garden.

Thank you for reading my blog, you magnificent virtuous person, you!
They looked terrible together!!! Then I realized that no one would ever KNOW I was wearing a red vest with clashing turquoise-orange-cream-and navy blue socks unless I TOLD them! Because I never see anyone I know anymore!

"Aha," I thought, "I am free from the constraints of fashion -- along with a hell of a lot of other things! I can wear these socks with this vest."

But I just COULD NOT do it. No, even if no one knew, I had to choose between the socks and the vest. So I chose the vest for today.

I think that was a sign of mental health, don't you?

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