Thursday, March 12, 2020

Wandering in the 'Hood

A Gift to the Street

Social distancing doesn't keep me in the house all day.  I live in a hilly part of San Francisco, so if I don't descend to the flatlands, there are very few people around because it's so damn steep!  This was an afternoon of wandering.

This was right up my alley, although I don't have an actual alley.  Truly brilliant, powerful.
Of course, in my opinion, voting is the LEAST you can do.  But that is a subject for other blogs.

A more playful use of a garage door.  You can't see it too clearly because of the shade patterns. 
Those are two little trolls in pointed hats... I think.  I should have gotten closer.  Sorry.

Kinda strange.  Animals, mythical and real, plus a banana,  shooting out behind a meter? box. 
The point is, they did something.

If only this had been on the homeward bound stretch, I would have taken so many more.

VERY impressive professionally made. 
I really felt for these people.  They had a lovely entrance . 
And yes, I could see that it was being destroyed by dog pee. 
What a nice polite sign.  My pups rarely pee when we're out walking
(well ok, Nikki a few drops on every other tree trunk), so I didn't feel guilty.
This is supposed to be the last photo -- "Relaxing at Home, "
but I cannot seem to get it in the right place.  Damn.
Subtle but permanent!
Ya gotta love it.
This has a real personality.  I'm not sure about the rocks, though.  
Here's my own gift to the street.  You would not believe how much time it took to find the pattern and and then the actual tiles in the colors I wanted.  For a year, I was snapping photos of tile everywhere I went. 
Finally found this pattern in the bathroom at Boogaloo's -- but in totally different colors.  I call 2013 The Year of the Tile. 
One day, I was standing there getting my key out and thinking,
"No matter how wonderful this tile is, it could not have been worth all that effort." 
Just at that moment, a woman walked by and said, "Are you the owner? 
Every time I pass by, I have to laugh."  I said to myself, grudgingly, "Okay, it was worth it."

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