Sunday, November 29, 2020



I've always been looking UP at the tree dahlias from the garden, or DOWN on the tree dahlias standing on the top step of the back stairs. Now that the rain/wind has bent them, I can now for the first time stand AMID the tree dahlias! The garden is full of surprises.
Let's go on a walk today. Okay? All the tsurus (yiddish for big messy trouble) of the world can wait. I went to visit my friend Mer who lives in Precita Park. I walk through the Mission to get there. Wish I'd taken a photo of her, as we sat outside the cafe practically next to her house. This is what I saw on the way there and the way back home. The Mission district of San Francisco is, as always, vibrant with politics and color and images.

This was part of a mural across the street from Mer's house.

People were having a big barbecue in the parking lot next to this mural. It looked like a block party. Very festive. I could only get a small part of the mural. It was all as magnificent as this.
This one below, just an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of white paper, took up a small blank space. I found it very moving. I wondered what person/relationship inspired the creator. It also made me think of people/relationships in my own life. I went to and watched the 2-minute doc. I also signed up to get emailed love notes for 30 days!!
There is so much love in the Mission, expressed everywhere through art.

That's all for now, Bloggelinis. I've got to get this finished before Elizabeth, my podmate, arrives. We're going to the de Young Museum to see the big open exhibit, with hundreds of works by artists in the Bay Area. Then Elizabeth will attempt to help me organize my work space. I keep the rest of my flat in order. But the place I spend the most time -- a MESS! And then tonight we're going to watch a livestream of the solo play OVERLOOKED LATINAS and then zoomtalk about it afterwards with two friends. Fun fun fun. Terry


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