Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sent Nov. 8, 2020: NO MORE MALARKEY!


Then a celebratory photo with my pro-mask window display. Then I was exhausted, having slept horribly for the last few days weeks months years. So I took a nap.

I was woken up by the doorbell ringing. It was my friend and neighbor Betsy, dropping by for a celebratory almost-hug, and to tell me I HAD to go down to the Castro!

THEN I remembered the eagle mask I had bought months ago. You see, one of my guilty pleasures is perusing mail-order catalogs. And sometimes I see some amazing THING that I MUST HAVE. And when I saw the full-head rubber masks of four animals for only $24.99 each, I said to myself, "That bald eagle mask has my name on it!" I figured I could use it, no matter what the outcome of the election was. That's my practical side manifesting.

So I ran up the stairs to tell Carolyn I was going to the Castro as a bald eagle, and she of course wanted to join me in her Statue of Liberty costume. I was worried how I was going to actually wear the mask, because it was huge and wobbled all over my shoulders. But I discovered if I first put on the fedora that has been residing in my closet since some unknown person left it at my house ages ago -- the mask fit perfectly!

Well, perfectly for a MASK. As we ALL know now, masks are not about comfort. And the more imaginative, the less comfortable. But, quite frankly, if you're wearing a mask for performance, the discomfort is an essential part of the deal because it forces you to transcend your minor itches and snorts by becoming one with the mask. I learned that one Halloween.

So 45 minutes later, Carolyn and I met outside, ready to roll down to the Castro. (You COULD actually roll down, I think. Never tried it.) Carolyn couldn't find her Liberty costume, so she came as kind of a jolly patriotic clown.
And the Castro was HAPPENING, which is something it does very well.
It was a lot more crowded than this photo, but you get the idea. I, of course, could not take photos. There was a truck with loudspeakers and the music played and I danced and danced and danced. Below is me, when I just was starting out. I loosened up as time went on, but have no photos of my more expressive dancing because Carolyn had to leave.
Although some areas were jammed, I was able to find spots that stayed a bit more empty where I could even lean my back against a pole or wall to help me avoid tripping, since I couldn't see well at all.

I danced a long time -- 17,354 steps worth, according to my pedometer. Then I returned up the hill, totally exhausted. Spent the rest of the evening quietly, reading, talking to friends.

I think we all will remember exactly where we were and with whom on this very special day.

Bloggelinis: My offer stands that I will send an 8X10 print (Walgreen's quality!) of any of my photos to you -- one photo for every session you worked on the Biden campaign. So if you want to take me up on this offer, just email me and select from previous blogs (they're all at Or I will soon send an email with selections from my own favorites. Terry

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