Monday, May 4, 2020


GREAT: Puttered about and sat in the garden. I believe gardens need to be sat in. The garden is getting very unkempt in a lovely way. Things are changing so fast now! It seems to me that the leaves on the sycamore next door (which is really more in my yard) went from small red-gold to large green overnight! Is that possible?

GOOD & BAD: Made my way to the meadow, as PAF calls it, at the appointed time. Threw the ball & THREW THE BALL & THREW THE BALL for the pups. Unfortunately I was using a new ball that was much harder to throw. So by the time I left my elbow HURT. Waited more than 1/2 hour beyond our appointed time, and left, angry, elbow throbbing.
BAD: Encountered PAF on the way home. She was STARTING A FLOWERBOX which was why she was late! THAT totally enraged me. I walked by her in the angriest way possible.

UNDERSTANDABLE: Got an email from PAF saying, since she had phoned to change plans, she thought my anger was completely undeserved.

NOT SO GOOD: I wrote an email in response apologizing for my anger but then getting angry and ending with "I don't like coming in second to compost!"

VERY GOOD: I decided to wait until the next day to send the email. You know, give me time to reconsider it.


VERY VERY BAD OR TOTALLY ENLIGHTENED: After reconsidering my email, I rewrote it to eliminate my apology and make it even more angry, ending again with "I don't like coming in second to compost!" I sent it.

JUST GREAT: A wonderful long phone chat with LD. Just a long check-in about how she and her husband are dealing with life now, how I'm dealing. Plus her guilt about not keeping up with BaumBlog, which was VERY IMPORTANT info to me.

NOT SO GREAT: In the end I veered off into a rant about the mainstream undoing of Bernie's campaign -- this AFTER she said she really didn't like to focus on political things now. So we both got down in the dumps, and I did a rather conventional but effective save by asking her about her very amusing Airedale.
JUST THE BEST: Long walk with the pups up to Tank Hill, with great views, and back down on the Pemberton Steps. Tuesday's blog will be about that.

EVEN BETTER: Actually DID one of the things I recommended on Link Day, and Zoomed with Indivisible to write letters to potential voters.
It was a small meeting, everyone MUCH younger than me. But we were so on the same page, discussing the Biden/MeToo issue and Pelosi and all things political. These young'uns had so much insight and understanding. They really made me think. And they were actually INTERESTED in what I had to say and my stories about running for Mayor. Plus they had been working together steadily for four years. I mean, WALKING THE WALK. Whereas I have a tendency to talk the talk and blog the blog. So this was a very exciting chat for me.

Which brings us to the end, Bloggelinis. But TOMORROW, the Pemberton Steps! Terry

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