Sunday, May 3, 2020

April 16, 2020: INTERVIEW & LINK DAY



Today, you can listen to my 16-minute interview on The Author's Show. It's playing for 24 hours, so click here any time. I think I say some interesting things.

I had a bad night. Not a "Dark night of the soul" bad night. Just a "Why don't you get up, you idiot, and stop trying to sleep" night. My body wouldn't stop vibrating.

I think it was my excitement about doing this blog combined with my terror about the future. No, terror is too extreme a word. Just plain old fear, okay? Nope. No terror for me, no sirree! (How DO you correctly spell "sirree" so you don't get the little red dots under it? Do people even SAY "No sirree" anymore? Did I ever say it before?)

My fear is not for me, but for all of us, for the country. I myself am one of the privileged ones. Even my San Francisco neighborhood is particularly blessed. When my parents bought this place for their wayward dyke of a daughter in 1977, I remember thinking "If the world falls apart, it will fall apart last in Noe Valley."

I swear to you, I NEVER really thought the WORLD was actually going to fall apart! It was just a .... a... metaphor! Yes, that's it! A metaphor.....

And here is a wonderful pre-Columbian duck from the famous museum in Puebla, Mexico, just to change the subject.
So this is Link Day, because I don't want to spend my customary many hours constructing a blog. I want to send this baby out, so you can listen to my interview and hear the interesting thing I said that Lesley, my friend and business manager, thinks is worth hearing.

ANYHOW, we are really fabulous at entertaining ourselves and each other, aren't we? The creativity, originality, intensity, energy, subversiveness, sauciness, wit, and just plain humor that we have displayed since the Plague descended on us! It's really something. Thanks to my bloggelinis for these links. A few examples, starting with the fun ones:

Did you ever wonder, "How DOES hand-washing work to get rid of germs?" No, me neither. But it's actually pretty fascinating:

This was a very moving article by Dr Dhruv Kyullar. I'm giving you a long quote as a link:

And now, how about some more pre-Colombian art from Puebla!?!
I find pre-Columbian pottery so.... alive. Really mind-blowing.

Let's end with some music. You know, I must confess that I enjoy a video of a symphony at least as much as a live performance because the camera captures each musician's moment in the sun, which you can't see when you're sitting in the audience.
I have a wonderful memory of my mother's last New Year's Eve. At midnight, we watched on television as the New York Philharmonic played Beethoven's Ninth Symphony for a live audience. So sweet to share that.

All for now, my dear Bloggelinis!

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