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BAUMBLOG: 4/23/2020; Link Day & More Focused Demo & Stuff

APRIL 23, 2020: Link Day & A More Focused Demo & Stuff

LEFT: Spring is happening!

FIRST, THE POLITICAL STUFF: I feel that we need to meet and demonstrate about something more specific than EVERYTHING THAT'S GOING WRONG AND MUST BE CHANGED IMMEDIATELY! That is too long a list.

Of course, Lesley, who is sharing this project, immediately questioned the wisdom of demonstrating about EVERYTHING THAT'S GOING WRONG AND MUST BE CHANGED IMMEDIATELY. And I scoffed at the PUNINESS of her vision compared to MINE. But then I woke up in the middle of the night and realized she was right. This is not an unusual occurrence for me. Perhaps I might learn to pause and think before scoffing. I am so VEHEMENT.

So. I think the most immediate issue is the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all health care workers -- which is what the nurses were protesting.

It is a complete outrage that
the people who are dedicated to helping us
survive the pandemic are NEEDLESSLY risking their lives.
I mean, this is insanity on a really high level. Agreed? Agreed.

We will meet (or at least I will meet) to mourn those health care workers who have died needlessly and to demand that these deaths stop. We are protesting/mourning/demanding at the office of our Representative, because the House of Representatives is the only democratically elected institution we have at the national level, and it is our last best hope, since it is majority Democratic Party members. I would suggest that EVERYONE in the Bay Area join me in San Francisco, since Rep. Pelosi is by far the most powerful Democrat in Congress, as the Speaker of the House. Please join me:
Rally to Demand All Health Care Workers Receive PPEs For Safety
Monday, April 27 @ Noon
In Front Of Congresswoman Pelosi's Office
This will be a socially distanced demonstration, and please be masked.

Now some of you may be reluctant to gather to protest, exactly as the right-wing science-be-damned idiots are doing. But the nurses have already done it. And look at this inspiring photo from Israel, where people gathered to protest the continuing rule of Netanyahu:
Thanks to Adrienne Lauby for this photo

At this moment, we cannot abandon demonstrating publicly. If we are only supposed to leave our shelter for essential activities, this is one of them -- exercising our right to free speech. We cannot abandon this right to the right-wing.

(Speaking of which, how the hell did WE get stuck with "left" when THEY got "right"?!? It's so unfair. "Right" has so many positive connotations -- as in BEING RIGHT as opposed to wrong and STANDING UP for a RIGHT -- which is essentially whatever society has agreed everyone should be able to do or have. What does "left" give us? Exactly nothing except being LEFT OUT.
And I'm not "left" anyhow. Being a liberal Democrat makes you "left?" Ridiculous. I think we need to define ourselves as the CENTER! Let the mainstream Dems be Center-Right!)


Tara Ayres shared her favorite dance videos:

I must turn you on to Alexandra Petri, a brilliant satirist who writes for the Washington Post. I subscribe to her column, so I get every one in my inbox.
Here's one of her recents: Give Me Liberty AND Give Me Death

From Rosalia Stamatakos in Morocco, where they're lucky enough to live in a monarchy with a benevolent king, here's Maya Angelou, performing her poem Still I Rise. I did not expect to be so moved and inspired. Silly me.

Better photo, don't you agree? Not quite so obvious that my eyes are different sizes.

Barrie Grenell sent me this photo, from Kite Hill, near my home. She said when she arrived, there was nothing. Forty-five minutes later, she left, and there it was -- a heart maze. The next day, it was gone. Very lovely. I do hope the sidewalk chalk drawings don't come to an end when the pandemic does. They are such a gift.

Dear Bloggelinis, I hope that SOME of you are thinking about protesting with me!
I know this is a bolo tie, not an actual necklace. But a decoration worn around the neck. Same category. My father gave me many bolo ties. He acquired them because he felt he should wear a tie to work, and he didn't feel like wearing a tie to work. Since he was the boss, he could do whatever he damn well pleased. Bolo ties were the compromise that satisfied him.

When he retired, he gave me all his bolo ties. He also gave me two jackets. It was his way of acknowledging that I was a lesbian -- giving me his (male) clothes. I thought that was so sweet. He couldn't say out loud, "I accept that you're a lesbian." And in fact he DIDN'T totally accept it. But in this way, he kinda sorta did.

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