Wednesday, May 6, 2020

5/6/20: Tank Hill & Pemberton Steps

I decided I'm going to do the BaumBlog three days a week. I got a real mix of responses from you Bloggelinis, perhaps a slight majority happy to have it continue every day.

But frankly, I think it's better for me to do only three days. I have been excited and thrilled to do the blog and also exhausted and overwhelmed. I hate to admit that age might have something to do with it. No, I am NOT going to admit it! Forget it! My exhaustion has absolutely NOTHING to do with being 73! I can still do EVERYthing I've always done and that's that! But Mon-Wed-Fri it is.

Tank Hill is really not that far from the house, but only recently discovered by Carolyn. On the way there:

Rooftop School with its beautiful mosaic walls. Ruth Asawa is a great and local artist who gave so much to students. This project honors her.

Then on to Greystone St., which has some beautiful houses, different from anywhere else in SF. This one below is the star. I think this is a traditional Turkish style:

Okay, maybe this house is a bit too much -- definitely einga potched. That's Yiddish for over-the-top with decoration. I'm not too crazy about the stained glass garage door. But the spiral mosaic driveway -- wow!

Then you get to the end of Greystone, and there's a very busy street you must be careful when you run across, and then there are VERY rickety old wooden stairs that you climb up, and then you are on Tank Hill, with the spectacular views.

Then back along Crown Terrace, which ALSO has some interesting houses...
And the very top of Pemberton Steps on Crown Terrace, so we start down. I think this is the first time I have walked the whole length of these steps.

And over the Romain Bridge, which ends in a spiral on the other side. Thank you, Goddess, for the gift of this man in that jacket.

Then one last glimpse of a sliver of the city....

Funny to find this written on the sidewalk
So, Bloggelinis, I hope ... I hope so much... I hope we win and are kind to the losers. Terry

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