Friday, November 18, 2016


I should be writing a blog right now.  I have many deep and original insights to share with you.  But Carolyn -- my crony, theatrical partner, best friend AND upstairs neighbor -- just got home last night from over a week away to attend a lesbian wedding in NYC.  I swore to myself that I would say, "Crony, I'm sorry, I can't talk this morning because I'm going out with Elizabeth later, and I REALLY have to write this blog!"  But I did so want to hear about New York, and to tell her about Postcards for Democracy.  So we just had breakfast and tea together, and now I'm going out to have fun with a friend AGAIN.  

So maybe no blog today, even though the fate of the world depends on my efforts to save it.  

Below is a photo of my crony and me as our characters Eve and Lilith, at the Stud.

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