Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Okay, I admit, I sent out that very provocative blog post without much research.  But now I know more.  

Look, Trump actually SAID on "60 Minutes" that the winner of the National Popular Vote should be President.  He doesn't WANT this job!  He just wanted the attention of the campaign!  He'll be THRILLED to not be President!  Let's help Trump get out of this spectacular jam he's in!

There is already an online petition to sign saying the exact same thing I'm saying on Change.org  (thank you, Lillian for the info).  There is absolutely nothing preventing electors from voting for the winner of the national popular vote, even if that candidate did not win the popular vote in their state.  This petition already has 4,000,000 signatures.  However, I could NOT figure out how to sign it, damn it.  The link to the petition is at the bottom of this post.  Please, when somebody figures out how to sign it, tell me.



That's right, folks.  We've got to put our fingers and a 32 cent stamp where our mouths are.  Everyone loves to get postcards -- especially now when almost no one sends them (except me which is why I had this idea).

We need to send postcards to ALL the electors who are committed to Trump. Below is a list of the names of all the electors of the states who voted Republican.  Of course, if you're in a red state, you should concentrate on your own state.  

As I said in the previous blog, some states do not demand that electors vote for the winner of the popular vote in that state.  But even in states where electors are "supposed" to vote the way their state voted,  if they vote otherwise, their vote will still be counted.  The elector would have to pay a small fine.  I'd be happy to foot the bill for one elector voting their conscience.  How about you?

For my list of electors below, I left out all the states that voted for Clinton.    If you want a list of all the electors, you can find it on Politico:

So you can sit down right now and write a ....POSTCARD FOR DEMOCRACY!  

We need to get the addresses of these people.  Can someone help me with this?  My friend, Richard Winger, who is my source for information on All Things Political, says they are available at state elections offices.  If for some reason, we cannot get the addresses, we will find another way of getting the postcards to them.  But it would be so cool to just put a 34 cent stamp on, and send it off.

I'd also like to have buttons made:  "I think democracy would be a very good idea! Electors:  Make Clinton President."  Hmmm... maybe too much info for a button.  Needs work. Yes?  No? 

I'm also going to personally make up a card to give to folks.  Hey, does anyone want to help me with any of this?

You can get pre-printed postcards from the post office.  You can buy postcards anywhere.  How about a Collage Postcard Party!! (Thanks for the idea, Eve.)  I love the idea of people getting together to create/write postcards.  If you live near me, you can come over and choose some postcards from my VAST collection!  


547 Douglass St. (between 21st & 22nd St.)
Buses:  24, 35, 48. 

Let's spread this idea around.  It's a lot more fun to write a postcard than to click on a petition.  One friend responded to my last blog with, "Sorry, but it's hopeless."  Well, yeah, if you THINK it's hopeless, then it IS!  A LOT of hopelessly improbable things have happened -- including the jam we're in right now.  Certainly we need to try every hopelessly improbable idea to resolve this crisis.   BUT THIS IS NOT A HOPELESS QUEST!  THE ELECTORS CAN DO THIS IF WE DEMAND IT!

When you write postcards, please email me the NUMBER of the elector, so I can keep track.  After all, we don't want #1 Frank Burt Jr. of Alabama to get 100's, and #538 Teresa Richards of Wisconsin to get none. 

At the bottom, along with the petition link, is my first postcard to that good ol' Alabama boy, Frank Burt, Jr.  Found his address on the internet.  Please send me addresses as you find them.

I think democracy would be a very good idea!  How about YOU?

This is the text of my postcard: "November 15, 2016, Dear Elector  Frank Burt, Jr.:
I think democracy would be a good idea.  How about you?  In a democracy, the winner of the popular vote should always win.   I feel my vote doesn’t count in this most important election.  This is very bad for our democracy.   I beg you, please cast your vote for the winner of the popular vote.
Sincerely, Terry Baum, 547 Douglass St., SF CA 94114"

I love to make postcards out of my photos.  This is one of my dear sister Nancy and me at a demonstration against the invasion of Iraq.  Nancy made our banner.  I don't expect anyone else to go to all this trouble to create a postcard.  Unless you want to.  OK, folks, it's time for.. POSTCARDS FOR DEMOCRACY!   

Okay, I'm clicking the button to send this, and then I'm mailing my first postcard. 

THE PETITION:  https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19


1. Frank Burt, Jr., 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 12, Bay Minette, Alabama 36507
2. Will Sellers
3. Jim Wilson
4. Tim Wadsworth
5. Elbert Peters
6. Mary Sue McClurkin
7. Bob Cusanelli
8. Perry Hooper Jr.
9. Grady Thornton
10. Sean Parnell
11. Jacqueline Tupou
12. Carolyn Leman

13. Bruce Ash
14. Walter Begay
15. Sharon Giese
16. Robert Graham
17. Alberto Gutier
18. Jerry Hayden
19. Carole Joyce
22. James O'Connor
23. Edward Robson
24. Jonelle Fulmer
25. Jonathan Barnett
26. Keith Gibson
27. Sharon Wright
28. Tommy Land
29. John Nabholz

107. Ade Aderibigbe
108. Larry Ahern
109. Brian Ballard
110. Kristy Banks
111. Michael Barnett
112. LizBeth Benacquisto
113. Robin Bernstein
114. Pam Bondi
115. John Browning
116. Sharon Day
117. Dena DeCamp
118. Nick D
119. Jeremy Evans
120. John Falconetti
121. Peter Feaman
122. Kat Gates-Skipper
123. Joe Gruters
124. Debbie Hannifan
125. Blaise Ingoglia
126. Tony Ledbetter
127. Mike Moberley
128. Susan Moore
129. Joe Negron
130. Clint Pate
131. Ray Rodrigues
132. Carlos Trujillo
133. Robert Watkins
134. Susie Wiles
135. Christian Ziegler

136. Bruce Allen Azevedo
137. Brian K Burdette
138. Lott Harris Dill
139. John David Elliott
140. James Randolph Evans
141. Bobbie D. Frantz
142. Linda D. Herren
143. Rachel Blackstone Little
144. Deborah M. McCord
145. Michael Neil McNeely
146. Mary L. Padgett
147. Neil L. Pruitt
148. Joshua Kirk Shook
149. Frank B. Strickland
150. Baoky Nguyen Vu (resigned, will be replaced by alternate)
151. John B. White

156. Jennifer Locke
157. Melinda Smyser
158. Layne Bangerter
159. Caleb Lakey

180. Stephanie Beckley
181. Kevin Steen
182. Kelly Mitchell
183. Daniel Bortner
184. Laura Campbell
185. Jeff Cardwell
186. Donald Hayes
187. Randall Kirkpatrick
188. Edwin Simcox
189. Ethan Manning
190. Chuck Williams

191. James Whitmer
192. Don Kass
193. Dylan Keller
194. Alan Braun
195. Kurt Brown
196. Polly Granzow

197. Ashley J. McMillan
198. Helen Van Etten
199. Mark Kahrs
200. Ron Estes
201. Clayton L. Barker
202. Kelly Arnold

203. Jim Skaggs
204. David Disponett
205. Robert Duncan
206. Michael Carter
207. Scott Lasley
208. Walter Reichert
209. Mary Singleton
210. Troy Sheldon

211. Chris D. Trahan
212. Lloyd A. Harsch
213. Charles L “Charlie” Buckels
214. Louis R. Avallone
215. Kay Kellogg Katz
216. Lennie H. Rhys
217. Garrett C. Monti
218. Steven “Scott “ Wilfong

MAINE (3 D, 1 R)
219. Diane Denk
220. David Bright
221. Sam Shapiro
222. Richard Bennett (R)

244. John Haggard
245. Jack Holmes
246. Kelly Mitchell
247. Judy Rapanos
248. Henry Hatter
249. Robert Weitt
250. Wyckham Seelig
251. Ross Ensign
252. Michael Banerian
253. Brian Fairbrother
254. Ken Crider
255. Mary Vaughn
257. William Rauwerdink
258. Hank Fuhs
259. Joseph Guzman
*Trump led Michigan by 12,000 votes as of Friday morning, though the state hasn't officially been called.

270. Ann Hebert
271. Joe F. Sanderson Jr.
272. Bradley R. White
273. J. Kelley Williams
274. William G. Yates Jr.
275. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr.

276. Tim Dreste
277. Janice DeWeese
278. Hector Maldonado
279. Sherry Kuttenkuler
280. Casey Crawford
281. Tom Brown
282. Cherry Warren
283. Scott Clark
284. Al Rotskoff
285. Susie Johnson

286. Thelma Baker
287. Nancy Ballance
288. Dennis Scranton

289. Phil Berlin
290. John Dinkel
291. Chuck Conrad
292. Craig Safranek
293. Paul Burger

300. Bev Hollingworth
301. Terie Norelli
302. Carol Shea Porter
303. Dudley Dudley
*Clinton led New Hampshire by 2,500 votes as of Friday morning, though the state hasn't officially been called.

352. Linda Harper
353. Charles Staley
354. Karen Kozel
355. Martha Jenkins
356. Celeste Stanley
357. Donald Webb
358. Robert Muller
359. Jennifer Dunbar
360. Andrea Arterburn
361. Glenn Pinckney Sr.
362. Mark Delk
363. David Speight
364. Ann Sullivan
365. Lee Green
366. David Smuski

367. Duane Mutch
368. John Olson
369. Ronald Carlisle

370. Alex Triantafilou
371. Mary Anne Christie
372. Cory Schottenstein
373. Jim Dicke II
374. Cheryl Blakely
375. Marilyn Ashcraft
376. Christina Hagan
377. Richard Jones
378. Tom Coyne
379. Judy Westbrock
380. Ralph King
382. Tracey Winbush
383. James Wert
384. Brian Schottenstein
385. Curt Braden
386. LeeAnn Johnson
387. Ed Crawford

388. David Oldham
389. Teresa Turner
390. Mark Thomas
391. Bobby Cleveland
392. Laurie Beth
393. Charlie Potts
394. George Wiland

402. Robert Asher
403. Mary Barket
404. Robert Bozzuto
405. Theodore Christian
406. Michael Downing
407. Margaret Ferraro
408. Robert Gleason
409. Christopher Gleason
410. Joyce Haas
411. Ash Khare
412. James McErlane
413. Elstina Pickett
414. Patricia Poprik
415. Andrew Reilly
416. Carol Sides
417. Glora “Lee” Snover
418. Richard Stewart
419. Lawrence Tabas
420. Christine Toretti
421. Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh

426. Glenn McCall
427. Matt Moore
428. Terry Hardesty
429. Jim Ulmer
430. Brenda Bedenbaugh
431. Bill Conley
432. Shery Smith
433. Moye Graham
434. Jerry Rovner

435. Dennis Daugaard
436. Matt Michels
437. Marty Jackley

438. Joey Jacobs
439. Beth Scott Clayton Amos
440. Jason Mumpower
441. Susan Mills
442. Liz Holiway
443. Lynne Davis
444. Tom Lawless
445. Mike Callahan
446. Pat Allen
447. Shannon Hanes
448. Drew Daniel
450. Thomas Moon
451. Carol Sewell
452. John Harper
453. Sherrill Lenz
454. Nicholas Ciggelakis
455. William Hickman
456. Landon Estay
457. Rex Lamb
458. Rosemary Edwards
459. Matt Stringer
460. Shellie Surles
461. Melissa Juett Kalka
462. Kenneth Clark
463. Sandara Cararas
464. David Thackston
465. Robert Bruce
466. Marjorie Forster
467. Scott Mann
468. Marian Stanko
469. Curtis Nelson
470. Tina Gibson
471. Kendell Muenzler
472. Alexander Kim
473. Virginia Able
474. John Dillard
475. Thomas Knight
476. Marian Knowlton
477. Rex Teter
479. Jon Jewett
480. Susan Fischer
481. Loren Byers
482. William Lawrence Greene
483. Mary Lou Erben
485. Candace Noble
486. Fred Farias

488. Jeremy Jenkins
489. Kris Kimball
491. Chia-Chi Teng
492. Richard Snelgrove

521. Ron Foster
522. Patrick Morrisey
523. Ann Urling
524. Mac Warner
525. Bill Cole

526. Steve King
527. Mary Buestrin
528. Kim Travis
529. Kim Babler
530. Brian Westrate
531. Brad Courtney
532. Kathy Kiernan
533. Dan Feyen
534. Jim Miller
535. Bill Berglund
536. Karl Allred
537. Bonnie Foster
538. Teresa Richards

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