Monday, November 14, 2016


Look, a great many electors are NOT legally committed to vote for the candidate that won the popular vote in their state.  Way more electors than Hillary needs to reach 270.  We need to be contacting those people --- say simply this is not a judgment of Trump.  It is a judgment of our idiotic system that awards the victory to the loser of the popular vote every 16 years!  Look what happened the LAST time the President was NOT the candidate who won the popular vote!  Not good, right?  We're STILL dealing with the repercussions of that Presdiency -- in spades.

We must ALL demand that the electors who are free to do so should vote for the winner of the national popular vote.  And -- if you felt your vote didn't count, tell the electors that.

How many felt their votes counted?  Only the Trump supporters in the swing states.  That's IT!  This is not a good sign about our democracy, folks.

I must tell you I'm not worried about Trump as much as the man who is a heartbeat away from the Presidency.   I don't KNOW what the hell Trump actually believes.  I DO know that Pence is a right-wing evangelical Christian.  He is a True Believer and a MEAN man.

My greatest fear used to be that Trump would be President and get into a nuclear war with the President of North Korea.  Little did I know that Trump actually ADMIRES the guy.

Now my greatest fear is that Trump will die --- not necessarily assassination.  Possibly expiring in some way because TRUMP REALLY DOESN'T WANT TO BE PRESIDENT!

Hello??  This man craves ATTENTION not POWER. (Thank goodness).  But PENCE craves POWER.

So really the most efficient thing to do is: Demand that the electors who can, give their votes to the winner of the popular vote.  That's all.  There is NOTHING radical in that.  It's just 


I think democracy would be a very good idea.


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